Select More Than One Channel In Mixer

Hi again, sorry for having so many questions lately… and since I do not know if they are possible today or not, I put them in this section.
Lets say I am done programming my drums… and they are 12 tracks. Now I want to send them all to a bus. Is it possible to select all 12 channels to insert the same send - and adjust colors. Or do I have to do one at the time?

If not possible today, perhaps a good idea? You can do this on all the other major DAWs.

Cheers :)

Currently the quickest way remains to clone or copy/paste a currently programmed send-device in the mixer by ctrl+dragging them to the respective tracks that you need this send device into.
But your desired option is partially scriptable (track selection has then got to be done in a dedicated scripted gui)

OK, thanks, I am not 100% sure what you mean… what you are saying is that this could be done via lua scripting, but it has not yet been done? :)

would definately be helpful.
i’ve always been doing it as vV has described and never thought about the fact that it could also be way easier.
seems like i’ve already gotten routine-blinded with some of renoise’s processes. :(

maybe a choose tracks rightclick send selected tracks to bus? would certainly be nice to have