Select Multiple Keyzones Zones With "Autoselect Played" Option

I all, :rolleyes:

I don’t know if it’s a bug or if it’s a willfull thing :

(1) when I’m playing multilayered intruments
with my QWERTY or MIDI keyboard,
I can see the active sample zone : cool


(2) when I perform a chord on my keyboards
Renoise only autoselect one sample/zone and not multiple sample/zones
(even if it’s manually possible)


(3) when I stop using those 2 input keyboard devices
and start the song playback I can’t see any kind of active sample zone


  • Could it be possible to Autoselect chords ?
  • Could it be possible to see the active Autoselected notes (of the default instrument) when the playback of the song is started ?

Thanx for reading


Well, definitely no “malfunction”. Lets discuss here if and how this would/could be useful please.

I personally would find it more useful if one could set the start/end points of a keyzone with the external MIDI keyboard somehow. And I can not come up with a scenario where multi-selections done with the external MIDI keyboard would be useful for editing.

thanx taktik, :rolleyes:

I understand. The sample editor can just display and edit one sample at a time. Selecting a chord, won’t change anything to that.
Editing keyzones (positionning samples in relationship with velocity) has no real relationship with finding chords (relationship with harmony).

In fact the virtual keyboard on the bottom of the sample keyzones, display chords, that are played in realtime.
This is a visual experience that helps newbies to quickly understand that an instrument is like a package of playable samples and each sample can be assigned to a note.
I just believed that the birth of the sample keyzone could logically extend this “visual experience”, that’s all. :rolleyes:

I imagined that during the playback of an instrument (even during the song), multiple notes of an instrument could also be highlighted in this new cool zone.
I know that you try make the most compact possible code and avoid unnecessary things.
But let’s say that showing the intensity of all notes during any kind of playback makes that a newbie will instantly grasp the “keyzone concept”.

Defining the range of a keyzone with the help of the midi keyboard could giveme a faster and more precise control of zones. Good idea !
It would require a “listen…” button (a bit similar to the “midi map” button), and when it’s pushed, you hit 2 different MIDI keys.
The lower note and and the higher note are then considered like borders for a new zone range (x axis).

I also think that the midi keyboard could also be a cool “x axis keyzone splitter”. (Each splitted sample/zone is duplicated).
Same thing : it would requiree a “listen…” button, like the midi map one, you click on it, Renoise waits, you hit the key, the active zone is splitted in two zones.

What about using the modulation wheel to move zones on a Y-axis ?

What about using the pitch bend to swap zones on a Y-axis ?

Thanx for reading !
btw : I’ve received a personnal board message but when I try to read it, I can only get an error like : [#10227] You are not allowed to use the private messaging system)…