select non-consecutive notes

I am testing Renoise demo and is great software
I would like to know if is possible to select in the track column notes that are non consecutives that not follow the order up-down,for example:
Track 01
00 C4
01 E4
02 G4
03 B4
I am mac user
If i hold Shift i can not select C4-G4 Renoise select C4-E4-G4 the notes following
Is possible by shortcut or by other method to select for example C4-B4 ?

Hi esquizo,

The keystrokes are selecting things out of sequence in the list on Mac is Cmd key. select the B note, hold down Cmd, and select the C

Hi Trueschool
Thanks for reply
Yes i knew that Comand is the typicall keystroke in mac to select the things that are not consecutives but to me in Renoise does not work
I don,t know why Maybe in preference i must check something?

3966 renoise-selection.png

I believe you want to do something like this?

Unfortunately, this is not possible.

(I’ve edited the image myself just for demonstration purposes)

Yes,your example is that i was asking.
Ok,now i know that is not possible
I thought that was possible to select notes non-consecutives to apply them one action,for example randomize between them

With scripting some stuff might be possible on existing notes. (Like the search and replace script from Taktik) The script needs alteration to go further on your route though.

Thanks vV
It would be great to have the option to apply one function to a group of notes that you select,of your choice, independent they are placed.

non-consecutive selection will be not possible through scripting either but, you can however enumerate a list of notes (comma separated on an input line in the script’s GUI) that you want to have processed and allow the script to process the pattern and pick whichever note is matching a record.

I do have a tool called Push Back (Keys) that is focused on vol/pan/delay column values… It works by changing e.g. the delay value for every 8th line in a pattern and so on.