Select phrases by probability

Is there a way to use a random feature to select certain phrases?
For example play a specific drum loop phrase 80% of the time and a drum break loop phrase 20% of the time? Useful also for generative music.

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Yup, combine the Y00 ‘mutually exclusive’ maybe command with the Zxx phrase selection command. The trick is to use Yx in the vol/pan column instead of the Local FX column, which leaves that open to insert the Zxx there.



Thanks for the quick answer! Need to check out the Y and Z commands. I love this.

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Don’t forget the phrases themselves can use additional Y commands. Just figured this out last week lol.

So when it plays the loop 80% of the time, it can play it slightly differently each time or miss notes sometimes, if you use Y inside the phrases too.

This is very powerful - I just discovered trackers recently (coming from conventional DAWs).

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