Select Text With Keyboard


I think it would be a nice-to-have if you could select written text (e.g. in the comment box) also with the keyboard. By now you can select it only with the mouse. Holding shift and moving the cursor doesn’t work yet.
To me most times it’s easier to mark a couple of words by holding ctrl+shift and pressing arrows.

I know, Renoise is not a word processor and this is not so important. But I decided to avoid MS Word and OO Writer and use the Renoise comment box instead, so I can parse an XRNS in LateX to write scientific papers about breakcore.
ehm… :) no, honestly, it would be nice to have, if it’s not too time consuming asking the keyboard events to do the same what you can do with the mouse already. Otherwise just ignore this.

Oh and happy b-day nachträglich. Sorry that I missed.

Everything Gilli says… ;)


That works just fine here when using the left shift key. Even Control + Shift for word selection works…

I’m innocent! Just wanted to support Gilli! ;)

Works here as well (winXP)

Ah, sorry then. I didn’t expect the keys on the right side being filtered out. After all they don’t trigger anything else while the comment box is open.