Selected Block - Volume Up, Down, Ramp In, Out

another to add to my wishlist after being given the candy that is renoise 2.5…

the topic pretty much says it all…
(EDIT- no it doesn’t…).
what i want here is to be able to take the currently selected block and RAISE or LOWER the volume of the entire selection (aka block) by 1 value.

I seem to remember FT2 having this ability w/ the kb. can this be added to the always growing list of user wishes please??

So pleased to see my suggestion of clone selected track(s) included in the latest among a few of my other previous wish list items from a few months back!!

i came back and edited this just to clarify… i think i got mixed up as as far as i recall (very hazy and i dont care enough to look it up and proove my memory wrong) FT2 had a series of shortcuts that were very similar which allowed you to ramp up, ramp down as well as raise and lower the volume of the currently selected block… or maybe it was the current track…

try this:

row note ins vol  
 00 --- -- 00  
 01 --- -- --  
 02 --- -- --  
 03 --- -- --  
 04 --- -- 80  

now select the block ranging from row 00 to row 04 and press LALT+I:

row note ins vol  
 00 --- -- 00  
 01 --- -- 20  
 02 --- -- 40  
 03 --- -- 60  
 04 --- -- 80  

using LALT+L instead of I will interpolate logarhythmically

as it is with many other commands, using LCTRL will work on the pattern, while using LSHIFT will work on the track

I hope I got what you meant :)

righto… this is a shortcut to interpolate values… thats not entirely what i want… i suppose i should go back and edit my post as i know what you’re suggesting and use it all the time. doh…

what i want specifically is to be able to lower or raise the volume of the currently selected block.

thanks for your time w/ the asci art though :) sorry you had to go through that :))

oh ok, so this can only be done through the Advanced Edit section, which unfortunately has no keyboard shortcuts

unfortunately indeed. thanks for letting me know though! I must admit, the “advanced edit” section does seem to come off a bit… slapped on. of course if i have any ideas for improvement along the way I will share for sure.

thanks for the timely replies!! :)

on a side note, a lot of times on the forum there have been hypothetical discussions about what could be done with the announced Renoise scripting language; this is a typical example of one thing which will be possible with the scripting: adding a “Increase volume” selection context menu entry

sounds sexy. not nearly as sexy as it would be if renoise were open source and i could tweak the code myself to get some of the things i’ve always wanted… such as FIXING the functionality of the backspace key while in edit mode :) come on… you and i BOTH know it :)