Selecting All Volume Sliders?


I searched but could not find, I’ll delete the thread if there is another one already.

anyways! in the mixer, how do I select ALL volume-sliders and adjust them simultaneously? I tried with the shiftkey and everything, but can’t seem to “highlight” them all…

anyone knows how to do this?

thanks, dan

If you want to change the volume of everything then adjust the Master.

Don’t think there is anyway to change multiple values with a single mouse drag. You can set up a Hydra Device, connect it to multiple slider (including cascading Hydras together) and control as many parameters as you want that way. But you need to set it up to do it, thus it isn’t flexible. Also it wont move things respective to their current position but only discretely depending on max/min and other settings you give each output.

Okay, thanks. It’s not really a big deal, I’m just used to doing it in logic where you can select several sliders like that. I know I can just lower the master but say I wanna lower half of the tracks with exactly the same dB for all of them, would nice to able to do that in one drag. Maybe I’m just lazy :)

it indeed isn’t possible to do this. when i realized this, i figured i’d just type in the values i wanted in the value-boxes underneath the sliders. turns out you can’t use [TAB] to cycle between them. that got me pissed off. i don’t know if i was annoyed enough to write a feature request but i’m sure i mentioned this before somewhere… can’t find it though.

Stick them down a Send Track and lower the volume of that ;)

Half joking here but learning good use of Sends is quite vital in Renoise. Sure you already do the best you can with them though and I can see where adjusting multiple faders at a time may be useful, although maybe not an absolute deal-breaker as to whether you’d use a program or not.

in my personal case, i only needed it because i was adjusting all sliders to -6db and saving that as my new template. so after a bit of manual work, i had a template to use for the future, and the problem was solved. but i can definitely see why this would be nice. i’ve once made a feature request for ‘chaining’ sliders inside a device together, and the same thing would be nice to have for the Mixer.

+1 for multi selection of sliders in the mixer by selecting & holding some modifier key or mouse pointer drag a selection.

Good idea for a tool. I’ll make one this evening as workaround in case the devs won’t listen :)

Usually I render all tracks to separate files and due to my carelessness I manage to clip some of them. So I made myself a little script that inserts a Gainer at the end of every track with specified amount of gain before I do the rendering. :)

nice turnout for this thread :)

I would love to see a tool for this! I could actually make use of it a lot, I was mixing a song last night and it started peaking and I wanted to lower 4 channels the exact same amount of dB but since they were’nt all at 0dB I had to calculate and yada yada (not good at math).

maybe move this to ideas and suggestions?

For that use why not give yourself another 6dB Track Headroom in the Song Settings section?

hmmm… dunno :)
never thought of it i suppose? good idea! :D