Selecting An Automation Point Always Moves It, I Don't Want This

Every time I want to select an automation point by clicking on it with my mouse, it moves a few millimeters. It’s come to the point where my workflow includes having my hand over CMD-Z to undo it.

The thing is, Renoise knows I’m going to select the point because it has a mousover graphic.

In short, i’d like the point not to move if all I do is click on it.

In long the behavior should be something like:

onclick() {  
 if mouseover() {  
 // move mouse to center of point;  


lol, yeah I recognize this irritation.

me too.


You can control and select the nodes with your keyboard, the only thing is you need to give the automation window keyboard focus for that.

Seems like even more keystrokes than than my “undo” workflow, I still +1 the first idea. :)

Minor thing to make my life a bit easier.

Ah, yes. Been there, done that. :)

yep this is a tricky endevour indeed!

what i try to do is put the cursor line right on the spot above the point on the ruler and see the number before i touch it.
but problems come when there is no point there and i need a point there.
it’s kinda gooey.

plus me too!

Im +1 on this.

I would also love to see some minimal “snapping” solution.
I find myself constantly creating a point near the 0 area (for example to a Volume automation) and then go to enter the exact value in the value field.

Maybe a double click to snap to the nearest rounded value?
Or maybe, newly created points start at rounded values?

Stumbled upon this too. :)

@choice: Hold the CTRL key while hovering the point to see it’s value in a tooltip. That’s what i’m doing before clicking it.

Beatslaughter, what i meant about it being gooey is how when you want to make a curve just like how the curve is at a moment when no points iare there. it gets gooey trying to get points in the general area they need to be.
makes sense?

Good suggestion!


I dreamt about this last night.

If we look at the way any of the sliders work, it’s the exactly how we want it to.

The area of the square at the right most end of a slider can be selected without it jumping around. But the measurement is just one point from that slider.

In fact I just tried it now and the mouse pointer seems to move to the center of the slider box.

From what I can tell, the Automation Point area is not accurately represented. The “MouseOver” area is much bigger than the “MouseOut” area. But it’s the MouseOut area that is being measured, and subsequently moved to compensate.

Since it’s only 1 point that is measured (the center of the circle) it doesn’t matter which area we use, so the center of MouseOut should be used, not the inverse.

+1 for the annoying snap behaviour.
Just clicking it and moving mouse < 1 pixels or so should not move, just select. Or as Conner says, like the sliders- move with the offset.
Also, being able to zoom would be kick ass too.

+1 on this

The ‘press and hold command’ command to see a point’s value already was an epiphium :D Thanks for that one!

I hate fiddly stuff too. makes my anger level rise.

for sure +1 for this

The CTRL + hover mouse was actually really helpful, thanks for the tip! But the snapping thing is still a bit annoying.