Selecting Mutiple Points

maybe this exist already but i`m not sure.

it would be great beeing able to select multiple points in the automation editor, to change all values to the same with just one step.
is this already possible ?

no, this is not possible. interesting idea

This would be good in the pattern editor too. Being able to select single instances all at once, rather than one at a time.

And even more, if we could copy/paste just a selection in the envelope, and if we could change the “form” (linear, cubic… ) of a selection, and not just the whole enveloppe… That would great :)

this would be great, too!

I’ve been wanting this ever since I first started fiddling with automation


Actually, yeah, but I forgot about it again :D

sure, but this isn´t the same

Nice one learned something new today :)

Maybe a new rtfm is in order…