Selecting pattern and playing from current line

I have looked in the documentation and googled. Is it correct that there is no way to play from the current line i have my cursor on? When i press play or space it always starts from the top of the pattern.

Also If i want to jump to another pattern via the sequencer i click on the icon next to the pattern in the sequencer and then that pattern starts to play. Which is annoying. Can i jump to a pattern without playing it?


For the first one you need to make a keybind from preferences. It’s at Global-> Transport-> Play from cursor.

For the 2nd one: Preferences-> GUI-> Pattern Sequencer-> Seperate edit & play positions.

Wow! Thanks! Will make my life more easy for sure. :wink:

Also you can do Shift + Space to start the current pattern from the current line you’re on.

Thats even better. Thanks!