Selection Doesn'T Follow Edit?

I am using Tab and arrow keys to move around while editing. But the selection doesn’t follow the editing (yellow) bar and I keep performing operations to the wrong notes. Why does it behave this way? Any way to make the selection follow the line I’m editing? I can;t understand how this is better functionally.


if I understand what you mean, you would like to do this:

cursor on line 03, selection goes from 03 to 06

when you move cursor to line 06, selection moves 06 - 09

is this what you want?

if ever done, this should be set as an option, as I don’t think it would be usable for most of people

Hmmm… not sure what you mean. I think what I am asking for is fairly simple. The way it is now, I use the arrow keys to navigate to a new line or column. Then I want to x-pose 12 semitones so I hit opt + F2. But the selection remains where it was before I moved the cursor - so the wrong line is x-posed.

Say I’m on line 4 column 1. I move the cursor to line 4 column 2 and use a key command to change xyz. line 4 column 1 is what gets affected. I have to mouse click in line 4 column 2 to select the one I want.

He’s right. It also affect the whole like so you may enter a note, realise it’s the wrong Octave then hitting Ctrl+F12 would change every single Note played on the Line.

Have to admit the green bar has always confused me a little in Renoise.

Actually no:
Ctrl+F11/12 does Whole Pattern.
Shift+F11/12 does Track
Alt+F11/12 does Selection.

If there is no Selection on the screen would be nice if Alt+ did what is under the cursor.

If you REALLY don’t like the Mouse you can select what is under the cursor by hitting Ctrl+B & Ctrl+E (in fact you only need to hit one combination, Ctrl+B if below last selection, Ctrl+E if above. They start for Beginning and End of Selection markers.)

yes, this confused me a bit until i started using ctrl b + ctrl e.

it feels a bit clunky but it works.

This is probably very useful to you.


  • CONTROL/COMMAND: Whole Pattern
  • SHIFT: Current Track
  • CONTROL/COMMAND + SHIFT: Current Column
  • ALT: Selection in the Pattern

Would be nice to have a Current Row In Track and/or Note Under Cursor options too!

Gotcha. Looks like I’ll add ctrl E & B to my key command repertoire.

So what is the benefit of having the selection and cursor unlinked? And doesn’t it seem like something that should be toggle-able? I remember Live used to have this same exact thing when navigating the session view.

Well you copy from selection and paste at cursor. Can make some operation easier. Say you wanted to copy the middle part of one track into the top part of a new track through the song, selection would stay in the same place, so as you go through the song with the cursor at top of ne track you would just hit Ctrl+C Ctrl+V in each pattern without having to move or reselet.

If there is no selection I do think that it should treat it as a single cell selection under the cursor and it should be easier to clear the selected area though.

i agree with the original post…can i just have the yellow highlight bit and not the green bit? i don’t like having to click on notes i want to copy. i just want copy whatever the yellow bit is sitting on. sorry for the laymans terms.