Selection In Pattern Editor

so you can select just the notes, just the volume and/or panning column… maybe why not even single digits of those, and of the effect column? At least as an option?

You can do this with the AE. Or do you mean something else?

edit: Oh, you mean more ‘precision’ when selecting, right?
I’d definitely agree on that.
Especially with the mouse it would be super-fast to copy/paste/move stuff around.

It could also be useful if the AE Content Mask also worked when dragging stuff around with the mouse… with a switch to enable/disable this.

Yep :)

(double post)

I thought about this for a few minutes and I have some second thoughts… this could add unnecessary steps to perform some more common selections.
And you’d have to be more careful.
It should be implemented wisely. Or with an accessible on/off switch. As an option as you said…

Anyway I have to get some sleep now…

I wouldn’t mind being able to CTRL+Select like most windows apps let you… so you could do stuff like select some notes from track 1 and some from track 3 … would sure be useful sometimes :)

… this would be nice in the sample editor too ;)

I faintly recall someone (It-Alien I think) saying that non-continous selections are not possible… yet.

I see “sample editor” and raise by “instrument list”? (so you can for example shift them around in groups).