"selection" In Seq. Ed = "sequence" In Pattern Mat

in the pattern matrix context menu, there is a submenu called “sequence”. I find that slightly confusing… why not call it selection? Or is there more to a sequence?

The sequencer area itself has no context menu.
Also the shortcut keys play a part here, you might want to do sequencer related things like adding or removing a new position while in the matrix.
It would be annoying if you would have to focus upon the sequencer area for that all the time. I doubt if many would like constant shifting between those two areas.


the numbers on the very left do have one. they’re part of the sequence editor… so… the sequence editor does have a context menu :P and stuff that applies to the same thing is called “sequence” in one context menu and “selection” in the other.

the sequence, the way I see it, is the whole sequence of patterns, right? that’s why it’s the sequence editor. so calling a selected part of the sequence “selection” in one context menu and “sequence” in the other either is an oversight, or points to a difference I’m not aware of.

I have no idea what you are talking about… I am requesting consistent nomenclature and/or and explanation as to the differences. I’m not against having it in both context menus…?