Selection In Song

Hi there.

I frequently like to make changes like transposing notes in the pattern editor for a whole song, but I would like to do it only in selected tracks or even in a selected area (that could contain notes of several tracks). For example, let’s take a typical song with several tracks (bass1, bass2, lead1, lead2, drums1, drums2, fx1, fx2…) Imagine you want to transpose the whole song but keeping drums and fx tracks intact. Then you have to apply transposing to many tracks one by one.

It would be nice to have a new option, something like “Selection in Song”, so I could apply changes to note or FX columns by selecting several tracks simultaneously in a pattern and extending those changes to the rest of the song.

Thanks and regards.

You’re not the first person to suggest this by a long way and if you use the Search feature I think you’ll find a lot of people agree!