Selections: key to delete and/or deselect?

Ha, renoise demo was great so I’ve got myself a present today ;)but I’m still a bit confused by how the selection works in renoise. All the standard stuff is there, so [shift]+[up/down] to draw the selection or [ctrl]+[click] and [ctrl]+[a] to select all and so on - ok.

But [ctrl]+[shift]+[a] does not deselect all? I can’t find any option to bind a key to deselect, so I’ve established a habit of [doubleclick] somewhere to deselect - but that’s… meh. All these selections and highlights confuse me. I like to have selections active only when doing something with them - afterwards I’d like to clear the it. What’s the key?

Then after selecting a bunch of stuff and pressing [delete] nothing happens? So I use [ctrl]+[x] to cut that away, spamming my clipboard with ugly notes that even I wouldn’t keep… meh. Can I change the general behavior so [delete] clears the complete selection? If not: is there a benefit to “cut yes / delete no”?

EDIT: Ok, delete under selection is [shift]+[delete]… still looking for the rest.

Bonus question: There’s a selection that highlights the line after the last line that was played(if you’re a programmer: almost like a pointer). So when you press enter to play the active line and move your cursor 1 line up, that selection will be right below your selected line. What’s that? What can I do with that? Can I resume playback from there with like [space] starts from top of current pattern or [shift]+[space] from active row?

Ps: In reverse the same - I move my cursor to a single note (not having a selection anywhere but my cursor) and press [ctrl]+[x] to cut that note, because I want to move it a row up or whatever, but it does nothing (if there were a selection it would cut there, yeah). But if there are more than one note column and I select this note prior to cutting, it will cut the entire line in that track, because with selections it seems impossible to select just some colums within a track.

This behavior drives me nuts right now. I’ve got no MIDI keyboard at this moment and just to move a note one line up or to the next column I have to switch to the octave and search for the note like at blind man’s buff. I’m sure I do something wrong here… there must be a more elegant way to poke notes around!?

EDIT: Can select single note columns within a track with [click]. Dislike using the mouse, but for now ok. Let me know if there’s another way to cut a single note under the cursor.

There is no deselection key shortcut no.

But shift + arrow up or down at least quickly concentrates on the area where the cursor is for reselecting.

Then you aso have loads of specific selection shortcuts to select the current column, the current track etc.

There are loads of keyboard shortcuts available to perform fast selections or alterations for complete rows in a pattern.

Alt-Delete for instance clears the current row in the whole pattern. There are also shortcuts available that are not assigned by default, so you have to manually assign your own keyboard shortcuts to it.

Hit Ctrl/Cmd and comma to pop up the preferences, then go to the key section, there you can also search for specific keyshortcuts, or browse per section what shortcuts are available and to what combination they are assigned to (if they are assigned).
If they are not assigned, you can do so in the assignment area below.

Thanks vV, that confirms my fear. But well… have to adapt, I guess. I’m in love with that Hydra alright, but the controls still freak me out. Sorry to troll renoise on this… it’s just so very unfamiliar and… weird. You said it - there’s so much “junk” like “select row above/below” that I feel I won’t need in a thousand hours of using renoise (we have up/down keys for above/below, so I’m like “???”)… but a simple deselect is missing?

Follow up question on remapping keys: Is there any way to remap that weird keyboard piano? I think it’s kinda strange trying to resemble a real piano on [yxcv > white keys] and [sd-ghj > black keys].

Is there a mode that switches to a linear [q=C-3,w=C#-3,e=D-3] and [a=C-4,s=C#-4,d=D-4] like with ModPlugTracker? You know, left-to-right, top-to-bottom half steps, starting on [q] going to [.]?

The keymappings on the keyboard regarding the virtual noteboard are hardwired.

The mappings are traditional tracker related assignments and are not remappable.

It has been asked before, but they are used on multiple spots (instrument editor, phrase editor, pattern editor) for any kind of note correction or preview or recording when not having a midi instrument.

+1 I also think a key to deselect is important. Moving stuff around by selecting it first probably takes no more than 25% of work time and for the remainding 75% the selection is there, useless. If the selection is big, there is absolutely no way to work with it (unless choosing weak color for selection and then it is still distracting) so workaround keypresses or mouse clicks are necessary.

The worst part of this is that, like the guy said, only clicking gets rid of the problem by removing selection, keyboard only limits the problem to one line (by using begin/end selection shortcuts) which is a double minus in a keyboard-focused application. Even that one line is distracting for me as I noticed my mind instinctively wanders to that selection as if something important is happening there, even though it can be a remainder after a simple single chord cut and paste from 20 minutes earlier.

Would be lovely if you’d add a simple keyboard deselect shortcut :slight_smile:

Oh, and I was confused by delete behavior as well - it only seems logical that it deletes what’s selected. The only way to make it work is to make the del button delete selected content but only when the cursor is inside selection - this way if someone wants to select one thing and go outside selection to delete something else, del button still functions properly. Another reason why it is necessary is because selection stays on when switching patterns - accidental delete of selected content could easily go unnoticed this way. Deleting inside selection prevents that.

EDIT: Ok, delete under selection is [shift]+[delete]… still looking for the rest.

Despite having used Renoise for several years now, I had no idea it’s possible to delete a selection this way.

I find this to be a bit confusing though. Wouldn’t it be a lot easier if Renoise would ignore the playhead whenever a selection is made, and pressing “Delete” would remove the selection instead of whatever the playhead is on?

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I agree !

I was searching for how to properly deselect and landed here. Is this still not possible? Are there any sort of workarounds like .LUA, Auto Hotkey, or “Hackety Hack” for this?

Dear @danoise @taktik ,would you PLEASE kindly respond to this?

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Looks like the “Clear Selection” tool is exactly what we’re looking for:


Amazing find, zoner. Such a rad feature, now possible via this tool :slight_smile:

As a work around I just press ctrl+x (cut) to delete a selection :smiley:

That’s not the same. This tool adds a shortcut to delete the selection itself (deselect), not the content of the selected area. :slight_smile: