Self- Selecting

Has anyone the next problem like me?

sometimes while composing renoise selects tracks like I hold down a mouse button. (I checked my mouse, used other ones, it’s fine)

Yes I get that too, though its quite rare. No mouse button is clicked but
renoise is marking and scrolling as if it were.

I thought that was me who accide

Possibly this has something to do with Renoise window being/unactive +
mouse beeing clicked/notclicked.

Ill see if I can lure that thing out again.

Yup, I get that too…

what happens to me is that renoise keeps on going to foreground if not minimized, sometimes when moving the mouse.

I can’t understand the source of this, so I’ve never reported it

Heh i found it. Though its really under odd cirumstances.

If I click the absolute bottom part of the renoise window (hold the mouse key in)
go with mousepointer up to the top part (without it getting stuck on change namn on track) and the release mousebutton.

Now if you move pointer over pattern tracks get selected all over and pattern
scrolls up and down (as if mousebutton was still being pressed).

Yes that explanation sucked. Here it is again

Just click the low part of “6” (the loooong horisontal bar)
Hold the mouse key and get the pointer up to “2” without
it touching the trackname field. If you have few tracks you could
go the route to the right of the tracks and slip into “2” from there.
Then release mousbutton. and shake the mousepointer over area “4”.
Voila: it selects and scrolls (EDIT: as it shouldnt do)

I shall call this the Heimlich manuever :D

I know Renoise pops up to the foreground if you hover above a visible button that has a tooltip. And if this tooltip pops up, the Renoise window gets focus and surpresses the current window that was up front.