Self Therapy: Eclipse

I would like to introduce you to the second track of the present autumn. It became a sort of therapy for me – another part of my personality which usually spends its time just viewing the happenings was on this picture. I would like to mention that it was an interesting collaboration: this part hides a lot of unknown but is not in a hurry to reveal itself, giving the parties painstakingly. Besides, it is not crazy about our cooperation at all. There is an eclipse before this wonder presents itself. This is similar to the Pink Floyd themes of 1973. Anyway, it was very enthralling and fruitful, and I am grateful for this experience.

The music poses breakbeat and drum & bass. I also tries to make low saw-like bass ala neurofunk (though I am not sure it goes like this). For me it is the first experience of such music writing, as well as LFO, filters and automation. Besides, the track consists of 4 basslines trying to instill solid sound.

I would be glad to hear your opinion, as well as any advice. I hope you will enjoy it. With thanks, yourredpanda13.