Selling FM8 and New York Grand.


I’m selling two of my Native Instruments instruments I thought maybe someone here would be interested

I’ve got FM8 for €80,-
32/64bit for PC and MAC
I still have the box but international shipping could be expensive. it’s not necessary at all to install the plug-in so it’s your choice

Aand I’ve got the New York Concert Grand for €40,-
32/64bit for PC and MAC
With this I have a dvdbox somewhere, but again; it’s not necessary for installation.

Both serials are already removed from my account so I can send them to you immediately.

Ha, just saw your ad today in the HKU.

Haha, small world man! Just hung 'em up yesterday!
Are you studying there?

FM8 reserved by the way!

Nah, I’m about to intern there (whatever is english for stage lopen), and teach a few classes.

I’ll have that Piano yes. Sent you a PM.

Both reserved! :D

Buyer didn’t show! Piano is back on sale again! :D