Selling My Emu 1616m

Sorry guys, not trying to spam. I’ve seen a few people on here looking for soundcards and midi interfaces…

Here is a link to my auction on ebay:…E%3AIT&rd=1

It’s mint ;)

Oh yeah, if you are interested and are from here on the renoise boards, let me know cause I’m not shipping to Europe, but I’d do it for somebody from the boards.

the obligatory question: why are you selling it?

That’s explained in the auction description… but I’m selling it because I bought a macbook pro and a motu 828 mk2, the mackbook has no pcmcia cardbus slot, so I don’t really have any use for it anymore. It’s been used a total of maybe 4 or 5 times, so it’s in like new condition. Plus I already had a 1616 and an 1820m for my desktop, so I’m kinda stocked up on soundcards right now. Hope tht answers you question. :)

im really interested ey, i’m in australia tho…

and if you dont mind me asking? :)

does this card need an exteral power supply?
(my dream is that it runs like in that picture you have lol)

thanks ey.

no, It uses an external power supply. That would be great though.

It isn’t spam when you write an apology for posting it, and isn’t a bot.



Yay! :) Sold it this morning… so this can be deleted or just sink to the bottom.