Selling New Rubicon 5a`s, Won In Compo.

Hi there

hope it is alright to post this here but I am selling a pair of monitors I won in a comp recently. The full info is in this thread @ KvR

thought it might be worth giving a post for them here also.

Hopefully this Spam will be allowed :D

i wanted to buy Samson a while ago but then went with Tapcos…

How are they btw?

I haven`t tested them yet, they are still sealed in the box. I am planning to test they are working before selling them, but it will just be to confirm they are in working order, rather than a thorough test.

Which Tapco`s did you opt for?

ahh ok :) but if i would be in your place i would certainly use the chance to test them out :) and who knows, maybe they are so good that you wount even want to sell them afterall :)

i went with tapco S8…

Still learning to mix properly on my Tannoys :) When Ive got a lot better then I may consider upgrading to some genelecs. Until then Im hoping to cash in on my good luck ;) :)

Those tapcos don`t look bad atall, (just googled) nice 8" drivers, should give you a good bass! B)

tannoys are good. I concidered tannoys as well but then opted for tapcos because they were cheaper.

But yeah, im quite happy with them. not much to complain about.

btw, i bough my tapcos over internet from UK :) has pretty good prices and ships worldwide

Turnkey are pretty good, got may Tannoys from them a while ago + sampletank2 a time before that. Always check them before I purchase any new equipment as they are usually competetive.

Always good to drool over the catalog they send me every so often too

:dribble: something that fuels the gear lust :D