Selling U-He Bazille license for 70 EUR


I am selling my U-He Bazille license for 70 EUR. If you are interested, please PM me. Works on on macos, Windows, Linux. It’s the big brother of ACE.

U-He Bazille is a really good sounding (esp. in hq mode) semi-modular synth which also supports audio rate lfo modulation AFAIK. Recent beta builds, available at the u-he kvr forum also support CLAP and polyphonic modulation, so using this in Bitwig makes the possibilities endless.

I just can’t wrap my head around this synth. You need to know what you are doing while connecitng the patch cables. I come from classic workstations, so this seems to be not made for me. The presets are also quite good, as usual for a U-He synth.

If I had the money, I’d totally take you up on this.

Bazille is pretty damn cool for a semimodular, and I had no idea that they recently updated to polyphonic modulation but that’s awesome. I know you’re probably dead-set on selling, but have you checked out Plugmon’s Tokyo Ghost reskin? It makes everything so much easier to navigate, as it switches up the entire UI. Honestly it makes it look more like a regular modular which is so much easier on the eyes:

But yeah, hope someone takes you up on this. I’d still recommend this to that person, too :slight_smile:

Also if you need any tips on modular you can always forward them my way. It’s so much easier than people make it out to be, but you definitely have to train that muscle and think about things a little differently!

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Thanks for the hint! Looks indeed more easy hehe

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