Semi-finished Gabba/breakcoreish

i wanted to make something with a bit of drive…what do you think of the results so far? not really much I can think of adding except a bit of rinse/repeat to fluff it out a bit if necessary…hence semi finished…

33rd and a 3rd

You got a nice groove going, but maybe you need to explore it more?
It’s ruff and dirty, but perhaps adding more breaks, more variation,
playing more with the sounds you presented already?
Make it crazy as fook, it’s asking you to! And so am I ;)

Would be better if you’d add in different things, you should try changing that loop you hear all the time during the first part.

ok, so a bit more hack’n’slash all round eh?
fair enough, just give me a little bit, working on another few melodical numbers right now…