Semi Orchestral theme

Hi, I want to share a song created with orchestral instruments. Using of course… RENOISE

Start with strings in stacatto and finish more kindly with quiet pads.

I hope you like it, I do not like to say that it is incomplete, but it is true, many parts of the song are improvable and can be altered.

Please … an opinion on her criticize please.

Thank you!!!



Its really good, reminds me of the scores to studio ghibli films somehow, like maybe ‘the cat returns’ something like that


Now im gonna find that track to compare it thanks

NO NO… Such a great mistake…rare but this ost not made with Joe… Was made by Yuji Nomi.

The World of Katia! :slight_smile:

Cada 3 meses, una entrega… ¿Sería posible? Katia lo merece, jeje

How hard it is to nail the strings with some bookstores, fuck! :sweat_smile:

See this:

What libraryes is this guy using to get that speed with the strings?

I really like it! The composition is perfect from what I can tell. My only critique is that too much is spread to the sides of the mix. It just doesn’t sound “right”. Don’t be afraid to keep some elements centered even in orchestrial music. Also the method of spreading you use matters. Try to first use natural methods like panning or manually setting a pan value for each individual string in a layered string sample and then use native stereo expander’s first slider to make light touches. I wouldn’t advise relying on the second “surround” slider too much or using the track’s “Width” parameter at all, except on some drums maybe. The Width slider is kind of a meme and the Surround slider messes with phase and gives things less focus. The first “Expand” slider merely boosts what side information is already there, as in if you use it on something mono it won’t do anything.

Aside from the stereo it’s great, though! Will definitely listen to it more.

Impressive work, I like all your harmonic/melodic work and the sounds you used to create the ambiances.
For stereo, I’d stick to what EETTEE said, it misses something solid in front of me, but I’d also say I don’t feel like it’s a big problem for such musical style, I would be more concerned if you wanted to use fat beats and powerful riffs, there would be loss.

Also, for our information… What kind of instruments did you use ? Samples ? Vsts ?

Regarding expanding the stereo field. It is necessary to look carefully at how the used VSTi is configured. Most good symphony orchestra bookstores are already assigned a position in the stereo field. Depending on the instrument, displacement is sometimes very subtle, but it must be taken into account.

For that, the best thing is to always have a template of the position of the whole orchestra inside your head and be faithful to the VSTi used. It would not be the first time that the VSTi counts more to the right and in Renoise you correct it more to the left, which is absurd. It has ever happened to me. :astonished: