Send channels also placeable next to tracks


  1. since Renoise only allows insert fx on a track, situation may arise in which I only need a send channel for one track. E.g. the Renoise delay lacks of hp/lp filters for the wet signal (as other delays also do).

I quite lose track of the send channels organization, since they are all next to the master channel. In my example above it would be so useful, if I could place this one special send channel next to the channel that it is for. Or even better, placing both into a group, so the output of the send channel will route into the group.

  1. Also the naming in devices that target a send channel and the name displayed in the mixer view preview are a little bit complicated: E.g. if I use a bunch of signal followers on a track I always have to click the target select box first to get the real send channel name. This should be readable without extra clicks.

Current signal follower:
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A “receiver device” would solve this problem, too!

Further, very easy improvements

Current bad way to show send devices in the mixer:
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1 billion times better:
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Current bad way to visualize signal followers in the mixer:
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Much better way (which still could be improved eg. using select boxes):
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