Send Device Names

this might be too late for 2.5, but I thought I’d throw it in the mix anyway.

i find it a bit clumsy working in the automation view when I have several send devices on a track,
since they all get named the same: #Send Device > Amount + Reciever

it would be TOP of the POPS if we could name these instances ourselves in the dsp chain, so that we more easly can separate them in automation view.


Rename the sendtracks and the name in the sends will automatically change.

hey, not sure what you mean here… are you saying this is already possible? how/where?
just to clarify: i’m not talking about the name of the sendtracks in the “reciver” field of the send device, but a self-set name of the send device, showing instead of just “send device” in the automation view.

Sorry, i read the word “mix” in your post and started thinking with “mixer” in the background. My mistake.
In automation it is not possible to rename indeed.


Hells yeah - this is essential. +1