Send device questions


I have been working in the Renoise for quite some time, but I have two questions:

  1. is it possible to change default send device settings to keep source? So that it works like send knobs in other daws or mixer?
  2. Why when I turn off the group, I don’t hear the sources, but I hear them in the send channels? Can this be changed so that when you turn off the group, the send to the channels stops?


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  1. image
  2. if you make a group of channels that individually have send devices, the group is useless unless you switch the “keep source” so you treat individually the channels in send channels + treat the “dry signal” into the group

May be of help for 1, my send mixer tool will add new send devices automatically in ‘keep Source’ mode when you move the sliders: (you can also change state afterwards with the [M. Src] buttons below each slider)

On this subject, it would be a nice feature for a future renoise to be able to set a default preset for any/ all DSPs

For 2, this is a good point. It would also make sense in renoise to have the ability that all sub-sends stop passing audio when you MUTE/OFF a group. So in addition to the Apply post mixer volume and pan option, we could also have a Mute Follows Groups option.

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Thank you. You understood my questions correctly. :grinning:

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