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I was wondering if it would be possible to implement another way of sending singal with a send device… Atm you either have to mute channel and send certain amount of signal to a send track, or you’re using 100% dry signal with an amount of added wetness … My suggestion is, could the send device have mix parameter where 0% would mean 100% dry signal, and 100% [all the way to the right] 100% wet signal ?

Very nice would it be. Requested has been before. Still why made not?
In fact is needed only one slider. Control it would the dry/wet signal and middle 100%/100% would be, to the ends nearing zeros.

Workaround is there. Gainer meanwhile use you can. After send device put it.

agree, I do :)

[edit] Misunderstood the original post.

love your style lol :) yeah good idea it can work that way, it’s still just a workaround :)
Mixing would be lot better if renoise automatically added “aux” knob to the tracks every time you added send track,I suppose this isn’t new as well hm ? :) ahh at least there is always something to look forward in renoise :)

Is this really a ‘problem’? If you just make a few sends(and gainers) on every track, and then save as default song in renoise?

The only thing I miss in the mixer is to be able to see both pre and post at once.

It’s a fine line here to make it most flexible and most useful for most people :)

it’s not a problem but it’s annoying, you know when I work I keep adding/removing tracks and that means I have to always add send/gain also sometimes routing can be more complicated like sending send to another send etc, - it can all be done with gainer but would be much nicer if send just had dry/wet - which isn’t that hard to implement I guess

I get your point.
I would not kill myself if there was a dry/wet slider ^^

My point was just that ‘your’ way has limitations as well.
It make almost no sense to have dry slider if you use more then 1 send per track.
Also, if you have lot’s of send-tracks then you (at least I) really don’t want all of them appearing on every track. That would waste too much space for me.
A workaround for this is that you make a template track in your songs. Then just duplicate that track (ctrl+D) when you need more tracks, or copy/paste the dsp chain (shift+alt+c/v)

We already got a gainer on the end of chain (post mixer).
If we could for instance be able to show the pre fader as a small device on top of the chain in the post-mixer and vice versa, then we really would not have this conversation IMO :)

Please Taktik, is this hard to do?

Would be nice to see it in v1.9 final!

If Renoise was able to assign MIDI controllers for more than one parameter, one could also create a cross fader simply by assigning two faders with one inverted. But I don’t think that is possible ATM

+1, though i’d rather have 2 sliders; a pass through and a send amount

Thanx for this tip!

My +1 for this!

Woa i found the solve, it’s dead simple!!!
Create another sendtrack with no dsp’s on it.
Call that sendtrack “no dsp” or something.

Create an extra send device on the track you want to crossfade.
Next to the existing senddevice, you make this one “keep source” and you’re done.
Now pull that slider wide open and the slider of your original to 0.

Tadaa, crossfade, automatable :)

mail/pm me if you need details ;)