Send Internal Midi

Hello all,

I finally purchased Renoise, I think it was the collapsible columns that finally did me in. I’m not going to stop using Jeskola Buzz, and it’s development is really coming along nicely, but stability has always been an issue with it, third-party plugins aside. The two main things I use it for are VST’s - the VST wrapper by Polac being totally featurific - and the great Unwieldy Tracker by Fuzzpilz which was made for IDM back when IDM was king.

That’s just the thing, IDM isn’t king anymore, at least not lo-fi sounding IDM made with a single monophonic tracker… Unless you’re Venetian Snares…
But I digress… The real problem with Buzz right now (and I hate bitching about it cuz it’s free) is that the wonderful Polac adapter seems to have problems adapting with Buzz + some VST’s or vice-versa. This made me think of all the inherent problems with sorta-open software in general, which also attributes to my breakdown.

Anyway, /Rant and all that.

Buzz has a new midi export feature and Renoise can import midi so I can potentially port my songs over, right?


After using mostly trial and error to convert Polac’s hex values which are in the format 0 - 7FFF to Renoise’s format 0 - FF, I realized the particular song has an internal midi feed going from Reaktor 5 to Massive. Anyway, I mucked about with some native plugs and couldn’t find any way to implement this with Renoise. For some (possibly childish) reason this feature seems to have a lot of potential to me (custom sequences, envelopes and such with Reaktor or MAX make me drool).

Perhaps I could get OSC working between Renoise and Reaktor/MaxMsp in some way? Any other possible solutions are welcome.

Virtual midi cable like LoopBE, MidiToke or Copperlan comes to my mind here…
I usually start using these tools to do internal midi routing.