Send Me An Angel

Please, with sugar on top, tell me, what you think

What Bantai said. I might also add something which I already told you several times: PLAY WITH YOUR SYNTHS! Your sounds are so generic most of the times. :confused:

I’m not really into this genre of music, so i’m not sure if my comments are worth anything to you:

To me the song sounds pretty good, the actual music is great and reminds me of the sort of thing i hear in town on a saturday night. For some reason the bass drum reminds me of dance ejay or a happy hardcore disc or something, and i just dont ‘get’ the vocals.

loving the arps though, keep up the good work

i’m afraid i don’t get the vocals either, but musically this is enjoyable

Good comments already, I’m not so into the vocals either (it’s almost in the Scooter-territory which is almost like cursing imho :) ). The synthlead part in the end didn’t do it for me either. What I did like was the pads and the arpeggio-thing that you’re using. I also liked the “303”-part at 01:50 an onwards, but I’m also more into electro/house/303/shuffle stuff than generic trance I guess.

Something I missed somewhat is more powerful buildups where it just sucks into your stomache and where you really wanna start dancing frantically when the music starts again. Maybe you could add more parts from the original song, melodically?

Well, keep up the good work, I hear an increasing quality in your work from track to track.

Thank you all for your nice feedback. I am really glad that I am making some progress here. Considering the vocals I must admit, that I did not have the opportunity to listen to this piece on other equipment :)

The arp is 100% a selfmade vanguard setup ;)