Send to wave editor thingy

How about a button in the sample view or instrument view?
where you could send the current sample to your favorite,
sample editor (wavelab/soundforge) kinda like the one acid/vegas has.

Wouldn’t this be pretty easy to implement?

The command line stuff could be edited in rns misc config maybe?
Just a thougt.

it’s not so easy actually, i think, because renoise load wavs/rni/xi into the memory, and don’t check source files anymore, whereas acid/vegas use them all the work time, and check if they were modified by another soft (and suggest to reload the file).

But Maybe if you had a keepondisc sample option?
With addition of a reload button?

(okay it dosen’t sound so simple anymore, but it would be so usefull)

yeh, actually, it’s a pretty good idea. especially with memory caching it would be very nice option.
with time stretching it could totally replace acid i guess.

Just had a thought, if rns remeberd where it loaded the original sample.
It could just send the original adr. to the editor.
And all you would need is two buttons, send sample, reload sample.

i like the idea of external sample editor support.
and i don’t see the problem, renoise just has to save the selected sample temorary to disc, then open the wav ed with the temp file. after closing wav ed, it reloads the temp file again, overwriting the old sample in the slot.