Send Track "Isolate"

An idea struck me: I’m not saying it’s a great idea or that it would be easy to implement, but it is good to throw ideas into the mix.

Cast your attention to the Send Tracks. It would be great to have a button that would “isolate” the audio of the Send Tracks. It could go next to the existing Active / Off / Mute buttons, where the delay slider is on the regular Tracks. It serves the function of muting all the dry signals being sent to it, as opposed to manually switching all the Send Devices to ‘Mute Source’ temporarily.

Why would you need this? Wet sends need mixing too! I’m finding myself constantly going to echo and reverb Send Tracks and fine-tuning the tone with EQ and filters.

Of course there’s a work-around now - you just go and manually switch all the Send Devices. But a single click for “isolation” focus would be neato. :)

+1 the thought have struck me sometimes aswell when I want to hear what the send track sounds like for tweaking etc. It would be convenient.


i’ve had a wish for something like this too at times.

  • 1 - often wanted this