Send Track Limitation

I notice that it is not possible to send from a send track backwards in the hierarchy (there is a message that tells you that it is not possible to send to a previous send).

I imagine this limitation has been imposed to stop feedback loops occurring?

Would it be possible to add the possibility to defeat this safeguard and allow routing completely freely?

It is a very important feature in a mixer for the way I, and many pros I know choose to set up their mix busses.

Many thanks

Shhh… But try doing it via a Hydra ;)

But everything is processed left to right so you are correct in your thinking.

Thanks I will try that.

I mean of course to defeat this safeguard in the advanced options or something ;) so it’s definitely not easy to accidentally make a feedback loop.

Ableton Live handles this by having sends on send tracks greyed-out and the user has to right click a activate the send.

Hmmm … can Hydra route audio?

Oh you mean the actual audio (actually of course you do) sorry tired although I’m sure in the past meta-routing couldn’t be routed to an earlier track. In fact the Signal Follower can and using a Hydra inbetween is a way to get around this for the Signal Follower, where you can still get a feedback loop but with control data.

No possible way with audio I’m afraid. Something you’ll have to learn to live with (having tracks arrayed in a certain order, possibly having to use more Send tracks than you really should need.)

always remember, limitations make you creative!

Hydra can’t, butSenderella can ;)

I’ve neen trying to get senderella to create a feedback delay loop with filters and cab sim, within a send track, but it just doesn’t seem to work? If anyone has an example of a working audio feedback loop in renoise using senderella please upload it and tell me what I’m doing wrong :wacko:

The other alternative is to use jack… but I really don’t want to have to do that :(

Don’t forget that Renoise processes tracks from left to right, so whatever you want to process, it works when feeding into a next track. Whatever you feed back into the previous track will be processed in the next frame(s).

I think the limitation is made to make Renoise sample-exact or however the new school calls it

Is this what I should do then:
send audio to send channel 1
send channel one has cabinet simulator and a delay
this followed by a senderella set to send to a return on another track?

Edit: Actually I don’t think Senderella even works at all in Renoise 2.8 :(
Oh balls.

I can do it with Jack and it works fine, it’s just a bit of a faf. Jack leaves some interesting doors open though.

Probably not in bridged mode because the plugins can’t see eachother in bridged mode. It should work in Renoise 32-bit native though