Send Track Limitation

It would be extremely useful if Renoise allowed the sending both backwards and forwards in the send bus hierarchy.

I realise that the possibility to send backwards to previous send busses is not allowed probably to avoid feedback loops, but this
also imposed quite a limitation on the creative possibilities with routing.

It would be great if you could defeat this limitation in advanced prefs.

Ableton Live handles this by having the send tracks sends greyed out, you need to right click and activate the send before it becomes available. This
makes you ‘think twice’ about taking that action. This, in my view, is sufficient.

Many thanks

+1 for this. Feedbackloops rock!

can’t you send back using a hydra device?

Same thing I said, that is control data, not audio though ;)

Does allow you to use a Signal Follower backwards though.

I did mean Audio rather than parametric data.

maybe an unqualified reply, just an idea/workaround i had in mind:
what if you clone one (or more) of the send tracks?
if i got you right, you wanted to do something like this

track -> send A -> send B -> send A -> …

my idea would be:
track -> send A -> send B -> send A1 (cloned A) -> send B1 etc.

this is of course not looping, but to be honest, i can’t imagine a scenario where this is wanted… :unsure:
at least you could get a few cycles with this method. it’s not very comfortable, may become quite confusing and is probably not what you’re looking for… :)

That is certainly a way of working around one aspect of the limitation - But I would assert that being able to freely route audio is something that should be implemented. I can see no other reason for this limitation than to protect the user from feedback loops… This is a nice feature but the true potential of free routing is more important IMHO.