Send Tracks And Left Positioned Recievers

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create 3 Send Tracks.
  2. Put a Send on Send #3, connect it to Send #1

Expected: Sound, Or (N/A) like other meta devices.

Actual: No sound, no (N/A)

somebody hacked your account??


Well I thought you were one of the know-it-alls, and I figured, huh???

that’s literally what I figured.
Anyway, this would be smart, but anyone who uses renoise for the 3rd time might already know that this is not possible… Also the send device does give a small warning message, only bug imho is that the multiband doesn’t warn NObody in the same way.

(they’re not meta devices but routing devices?? :P)

Hi Cas,

I know it’s not possible.

What I’m saying is that when I try to assign a Signal Follower (a meta device) to the left, I can’t.

When I try to assign a Send Device (a routing device) to the left, I can, but it does nothing. (see steps to reproduce)

I never noticed this with a Send Device before because I never put Send Devices on Send Tracks; so always routing to the right. But when you do …

To be consistent Renoise should not allow the Send Device to assign to the left. (Show a N/A)

Or, Renoise should be improved to allow routing to the left.

Whichever the core developers feel like doing. ;)

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Yay, would be nice to make this more consistent with the metas. Then this would apply to the multi send as well.