Send Tracks And Master Track Position

I feel like this has already been discussed at some point in the past, but I can’t seem to track down any posts.

I’ve been wondering why send tracks are displayed/positioned after the master track in both the pattern editor and mixer views, when logically the master track is the last one to be processed?

So instead of this…

…wouldn’t it make more sense to display it like this?

Edit: I see people below are mentioning the ability to move send tracks around - presumably to position them next to any normal tracks they are linked to, rather than positioned at the end/right. Just for the record, this is not really what I’m interested in. I think the send tracks are fine the way they’re organised now, I simply wanted to switch the master/send position so they are displayed in order of their actual signal flow: Normal Tracks > Send Tracks > Master Track



That said, I’m fairly sure the track adding functionality is simplified by this. If you’re on, or to the right of the master, it adds a send… but if you’re to the left of the master, it adds a regular track.

Perhaps it would even be cooler to color the top of the sends differently, and allow you to move them around if you so choose.

let people decide their own way of organizing the mixer

+1 for movable sends. That way I can visualy group my channels.

+12 and perhaps being able to give tracks their own colour…?

I don’t quite follow. Do you mean something different to what is already possible? Maybe you’d prefer the colour to be applied in a different way, or?


Makes sense, +1

Nice suggestion, but let’s say you have removed all the send-tracks and now you want to insert a send-track again, now what do you think would be added when you press control+t? A normal track or a sendtrack?
So this would require a different keyboard shortcut to add a sendtrack. (ctrl+s is already assigned to save song)

ctrl + alt + t

Wait… you can already colour-code tracks, like in your example (which would mean that it’s not an example but a screenshot)?

A dedicated shortcut to add a new send track would definitely be a sensible addition, but not absolutely necessary for this idea to work.

  • When the cursor is positioned within a normal track : a new normal track is created to the right of the current track
  • When the cursor is positioned within a send track : a new send track is created to the right of the current send track
  • When the cursor is positioned within the master track : a new send track is created to the left of the master track

This seems ok?

In addition to this, it should be possible to right click anywhere in the pattern editor and simply choose “new send track”, and one will be inserted automatically at the apppropriate place.

It’s a slightly edited screenshot :) The colours are from Renoise (right click > show track colours). But I swapped the S01 and Mst track positions, just to be consistent with my idea.

I thought that you already knew about the track colours, but you wanted some other kind of colouring functionality to be added. Maybe something to make the sends look a bit more unique overall compared to normal tracks.

Nope, I didn’t! Killa! :) Well, if you can colour-code tracks, you give send-tracks their unique flavour to make them stand out :)
We learn something every day! And hurrah! Thanks!

Yep. I personally would have preferred something more like this, but it was not to be. Perhaps we’ll see something like that later, who knows.

this one I like the best. (Y) +1
But also I think when there are no send tracks and your cursor is on the master track you can add send-tracks with CTRL + T.

Yep. No problemo.

+1. Logical.