Tint Tracks In Their Colors, Not Just Show Them As A Bar On Top

it would have to be optional of course… or even better, with changeable opacity (for ALL tracks, not a per track setting) from 0% (off) to 99% (silly).

oh hey, and why not apply that to the track scopes and the mixer as well…? :dribble:

and also to all the dropdown menus which allow you to choose a track… :ph34r:

This together with custom color themes will make the GUI one big mess - color wise?

No, would be good. May look silly and ugly but would certainly be useable. The color bar doesn’t help me much.
Since most people primarily work on their own stuff, they adjust the colors (and maybe opacity) so it fits with their color theme …

then set the opacity to 0% and/or don’t auto assign track colors(!)… I think it would actually be less confusing / more consistent.

Oh… This will be an ugly mess… Really. Can you imagine how it will combine with different themes?
I find the minimalistic top-bar fair enough.

It will however make an excellent Renoise for 3 year olds…

Yeah… because I’m aware of the meaning of “tint” and “opacity” and “optional”. I’m not sure if everybody in here shares that grasp? :lol:

Are we talking about colors in the pattern editor? 'Cause I don’t see any indication of track colors there (top bar?).

Right-click menu in pattern editor, second to bottom option.

Similar in mixer.

Nifty, thanks!

Edit, I can also see a point in this suggestion if implemented right. Could take some skill to implement withouth the feared " fisher price syndrome" however

no probs.

User definable opacity would kinda solve that though?

On thing I would personally prefer is to get rid of luminosity and saturation… and have just hues, with luminosity and saturation changing depending on where/how the color is used… but I ain’t even going to suggest that. I know better.

Anyway… I think it would take much, much less skill than overcoming the “being afraid someone else might use Renoise in a fashion that you would find confusing” syndrome. If I want my drum tracks bright red and the vocal tracks screaming yellow - why would that bother anyone?

I think the color thing being so minimal as it is now could have been done way better
1 Change the color behind the track name (Slightly bigger usage of color , not toyish at all just clearer)
2 Change the color of the actual slider cap in the mixer (Much clearer and still not toyish)

I think at the moment those tiny little bars are butt fugly very toyish and look terrible to be honest and i was so glad when i realised they could be turned off entirely




In its current state the color bar really doesn’t serve its greater purpose, although it looks very lovely to my eye.

How about this: single track based advanced coloring? So that you could at least highlight some of the more vital tracks you’ve got, even if it would look toy’ish. I don’t necessarily have the need of turning the whole pattern editor into a rainbow, but I’d love to highlight certain tracks in there.

one for bungle.

I like nr.1, having a larger color surface behind the track name would make it clearer.

Nr.2, I’m not so sure about. Those caps are small, but maybe the color you used in your example just doesn’t stand out :)

To be honest on reflection i’m with you jonas
I think the colored name thing is all it needs
The current bar just seems very much like wasted space to me

Anyway MIDI triggered patterns :D



I agree with Johann.

The colorboxes are a bit too small to be really useful.

Color behind the tracknames would be better than boxes but I spend my time looking at the tracks and not the tracknames.

It would be very nice when navigating to have the whole bg of a track colored.

And it does not have to look ugly.

How about this?

The color behind/next to the tracknames, are default. No need to be able to turn these off.

Then you have a say 7-25% (6-12% is quite nice.) transparent version of the color behind the track, ofcourse the utlimate is to
be able to set the tranceparency in the settings.