Senderella - Asio Buffer Size ?

im using energyxt and the kx asio drivers. it only sounds nice with 256 samples buffer.

any news on this ?

Hmmz… What is the connection between the title, the contents and Renoise?
And what value does not work besides 256 samples… larger buffers or lower buffers?
In case of lower buffers, this is logical in most cases, it depends on your chipset, memory capacity and CPU capacity to process the audio and ofcourse the performance of your audio soundcard.

vV, thats about a specific problem with the plugin “senderella” which works only if you have selected a asio-buffersize of 256, which is/was a problem for some including me. And that plug was written by renoise-user ModulR who wanted to take a look at the sourcecode to fix it ages ago (he didn’t promise anything though).

sorry if it sounded vague.

Senderella VST only works in Renoise if i set the asio buffer to 256 samples. it also works with smaller buffers…but not with larger ones. 256 might be too small for some kind of cpu heavy stuff…

looza : so i guess you havent find a workaround for this issue ?

i wanted to use senderella mostly for using vstis with multiple outputs in renoise (through energyxt) and still be able to use renoise’s mixer. so that every output in the vsti would correspond to a renoise mixer channel.

if there is any other way of doing this, please tell…


Yes, a fully working senderella would be ace!

Here’s the original thread:…c=14056&hl=

no, I don’t know a workaround for that and I barely made my PC work with a buffersize of 256, so I am still very interested in an updated version.