Sending effects to a send track

Hello, I guess this is a stupid question but I really can’t figure out how to send an effect to a send track (if that’s possible).

The thing I want to do is to mix an effect from a track without affecting the original signal or any of the other effects. Iv’e read the send device tutorial but I still can’t figure out how to mix the effect alone.

You can apply effects to the send track itself, as you would nay other track. You also have the option, when sending a track, to mute the original or keep that in the mix.

Specifics about what effects you’re using and what you’re trying to do with them would be a big help in getting a useful answer. The problem is in how you may want the signals routed. For example:

  1. Are you wanting distortion with a filter after it sent to reverb or delay before it hits the filter? Place a send to the reverb/delay after the distortion but before the filter, and set it to keep the original signal.

  2. Do you need only the wet signal from the distortion sent to the reverb/delay? Place the distortion before the reverb/delay in the send track, set it to output only a wet signal, and place the send device before the filter with keep original signal. Problem here is no distortion goes through the filter in the source track.

  3. Do you need only the wet signal from the distortion sent to the reverb/delay but still need the distortion routed through the filter in source track? Can’t be done with a single distortion effect. Instead, do the same as in number 2, but place an identical copy of the distortion effect after the send device in your source track, with the dry signal set wherever you need it.

Like I said, specifics will definitely help.