Sending Midi Channel Info


I was wondering if there is an effect command to send midi channel info to a vst program. I’m trying to use different patches in one kontakt instance by assigning each patch to a midi channel, but i can’t seem to find any good way to send that info per note to kontakt. If that makes any sense :P

Hoping for some help :)

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You need to set up alias instruments in order to take advantage of multi-timbral plug-ins.

Take a look at the manual:

Thank’s so much, this will make my life as a quasi-composer much easier :)

I forgot to mention… If you’re working with multi-timbral instruments, then chances are you’ll also want to route each voice to a different track in Renoise. If the plug-in supports this, then you’ll be able to configure it via the “Setup Routing” button in the instrument settings. You can find some extra information on this a little bit further down the page: