Sending Midi Data To A Vst Effect

Hello. I want to be able to send MIDI data to a VST effect (not VSTi) in Renoise, to control the VST fx with my midi keyboard. Is there any way to do this? The Remotemapper function won’t do it, and the Instrument Settings-MIDI Properties neither. Is there any external “driver” that can route the midi to the VST effect?


sorry, this is not yet implemented.

but it’s really really needed … any vst-vocoder (Orange or the great one by Waves) is useless in Renoise at the moment!

actually you can already use vocoders into ReNoise:
look at this.

I’ve tried it and it works, though being somehow tricky.

But yes, it would be another important feature… maybe for ReNoise PRO, Alexander? ;) :P

no no … that’s for Renoise PRO Platinum Edition LOL … ok ok enough with this confusing name-stuff … B)