Sending Midi data to a VST effect.

(Paul Buck) #1

How do I send midi data to an effect? Trying to mess around with a free granular effect…

Ribs, kvr link here.

So i can get it to work in Reaper no problem, just route a midi track to it, but still haven’t figured it out in Renoise. I even read the advanced midi routings blog post… maybe its simpler than that and I’m over thinking it?

I appreciate any help.

(ffx) #2

The midi capable vst effect will produce an alias device in the instrument list. Add this alias as new instrument and send midi to it.

(Paul Buck) #3

I tried this. Didn’t work or I couldn’t figure out how to route audio to the instrument. It triggers the buffers in Ribs, but without a sound source, nothing happens. So, if this is a solution, how do I load the vst as an alias and load an instrument in the same slot?

(dblue) #4

I know nothing about this plugin or how it’s intended to work, but…

Here’s a very quick demo song that at least manages to send audio into the plugin and then trigger something via MIDI notes.

8306 dblue-2018-10-08-ribs-demo.xrns

Note: I’m using the 32-bit version: Ribs_x86.dll

(Paul Buck) #5

Thanks a million dblue. I’ll download that file as soon as I’m back in front of the computer. Hopefully I can follow what you did to make it work! :wink:

(dblue) #6

Hopefully I can follow what you did to make it work! :wink:

It’s fairly straightforward.

You insert the VST FX onto a track as usual, then play some audio through that track.

Then go to an empty instrument slot as if you were loading a VST Synth/Instrument, but instead expand the “VST FX Alias” category at the top of the plugin list.

Insert an FX Alias for Ribs and then play your MIDI notes through that instrument.

When both the effect and instrument are working together, then you should hear something :slight_smile:

(Paul Buck) #7

Ok, I see where I was going wrong now. I was loading Ribs as an effect onto a track I want mangled audio… then I was loading Ribs as an Alias in the SAME INSTRUMENT I was trying to mangle. So I just make a NEW instrument with Ribs Alias vst. Makes sense. Thanks so much, very appreciated.

(pyc) #8

Trying to do the same with Glitch2 VST FX. Seems like Glitch2 is sensing MIDI notes, but the problem I have is that Glitch2 sequencer is starting at position which is not at the beginning but somewhere in the middle, so it’s not synced with Renoise pattern. Not much of a problem actually, but it’s weird. Anyone can help me?