Sending Midi Notes To Dblue Glitch

Hi, renoisers! I want programming change solo effect in Dblue Glitch. Is it possible?

I read in manual, that

Ok, I try use it with MIDI / VSTI commands in panning column (С0, C1, C2), but it don’t work (Or I did it not correctly)

Please can You explain how I may send MIDI notes to Dblue Glitch in Renoise?
…or I must draw automation envelope of either parameter?
Big thanks

and then it’s possible to change the effect used with a press of a key?

Guitar rig was a good guess, but it can just react on program changes.
I was wondering about Glitch, but changing the pattern banks is really interesting too!

I still have freeamp in my VST library! I like the sound of Guitar rig more,
but Freeamp is really impressive,especially for a free plugin.
I keep it along with Guitar Rig to make Soundcreating even more flexible.