Sending MIDI notes to VST effect possible?

I’ve just bought this u-he VST DSP / effect plugin for Linux:

It supports receiving MIDI events, it even has a keyboard where you could play the feedback pitch via MIDI keyboard if the DAW supports it.

I figured out how to have Renoise sending MIDI events to the DSP via “Mixer” -> “Show Sliders”, but I still have no clue how to send MIDI keyboard events (notes),I want to use my MIDI keyboard to play the feedback pitch of the DSP.

I think this video explains it quite well:

Is that possible with Renoise, and if yes how?



You want to “alias” the plugin in question, Then you can control it via MIDI.

I did a google search: “renoise send midi to effect plugin”, which took mehere

Wow, Renoise FTW!

Now I can even directly map MIDI controllers to the DSP, yeah! :smiley:

Thanks a lot! :slight_smile: