Sending Midi Notes To Vst Effects

Hi all,

I have a question about VST effects. Is it possible to send notes to a VST effect? Think of a vocoder or autotune, which requires notes to function. I searched a bit in forums and tutorials but didn’t find what I was looking for. I understood I needed Midi Yoke, so I installed it. But then what? Midi Yoke has no GUI, nothing to route my midi commands to a VST.

So… is there a SIMPLE way to send notes to a VST? I am really eager to hear :)

Thanks in advance!

currently Renoise does not support sending notes to VST effects, so there is no easy way

Will it be featured in upcoming versions of Renoise?

it is amongst the feature we are aware that are missing (the so called “to-do list”). unfortunately, I cannot be more precise than this, at the moment

Would it be possible with Midi Yoke?

nope, but with energyxt.

It depends on which vocoder you use but you could also work with sendtracks if the vocoder works with one track (left or right as the feed track).

I’ve got an example how you can work with a vocoder like the MDA talkbox inside Renoise:…
Add the talkbox dll into your plugins folder and then just play the song.
Must be something autotune could do as well or?

You can’t have both audio and midi-notes from Renoise though, You’d either need to trig the midi from inside EnergyXT or have the samples inside EnergyXT.

well, you actually can hack even around this with senderella. I never used a vocoder so far, but I am sure you can get it to work using dirty some very dirty tricks.

Thanks for the answers but I guess I’ll just wait untill it will be implented in a new version of Renoise. I’m not really a tech-nerd so I wouldn’t be able to make it work before that happens… :)

This is also something I require quite a lot since i use reaktor as a midi-effect to trigger sets and combinations of effects. It is a very effective way of working and having it available in renoise would be freaking awesome. Do consider implementing it somehow, perhaps as the possibility of making it possible to use effects as vst instruments, assigned to tracks.