Sending midi to a VST and a VSTI

There is one thing that i have been able to do in other musicprograms that i would like to do in renoise.
That is to send the same midi-data (pereferably internal) to a VST and a VSTI in the same program.
I want to do that so that so i can use a vst together with the envelopes and more triggered by the VST the drop from the same notes that the synth recives.

I ableton live was i able to do it by having one midichannel sending the notes directly to the drop while simultaneously adjust the midi input on that channel to recive midi from that channel also (thus sending the midi to the vsti on the channel also). I add a photo of the setup for clarification HERE . But i have not been able to do the same in renoise.Is it possible and if so how do i do that?


create intrument alias for effect …'the drop alias ’ …this alias will now send middi notes to trigger the drop envelopes .

BTW…I am blown away by ‘the drop’ , the quality of the filters are insane!!