Sending Notes To An Ensemble Of Many Vsti Instruments...?


I think my question may be of interest for many.

I would like to know if it is possible to use a single source for the notes to be sent to many VSTi instruments that send their output to many different tracks.

My idea is to use, for example, Track 1 to define the notes, and Track 2,3,4,5 for different synth outputs.

Is that possible?


Far as i know it’s not possible. (too bad) What is possible though is that you record several instruments with your midi-keyboard at once.

It is possible, but empty tracks where audio is routed to won’t be rendered if you use this method:
You need a virtual midi cable and then pick a port to output to in an empty instrument (midi out instrument) then route that port either to it’s own input or the input of another port, but set this port to the instruments that you want to control.
Record the notes on one track controlling the midi out instrument and this will cause other instruments to be played. And if you assign these instruments to their respective tracks, they will also stream to those tracks.
But if you want to render the output from those tracks, you need to fool Renoise by giving it the idea something is also triggering stuff from within those tracks, so you need notes on these tracks.

But i guess with the new aliassing method in the pattern matrix, it should be very easy to populate these tracks and then alias the contents to other patterns. And it saves you from the hassle to correct multiple mistakes on the same spot in several tracks if you only intent to correct one recording error.