Sending Notes To Vst

  • Sending notes to VST (AU) FX is now supported. Simply create a FX alias
    in the VST Instruments pane to do so (link an instrument to an existing

:wacko: i don t understand!! i want to send notes to waves morphoder vst but how?

quoting from

once you have selected an effect which claims to be capable of receiving MIDI data, it will appear as VST instrument alias. Load it as a normal instrument and use this instrument to send MIDI data to the VST effect as you do with normal instruments (for example using the MidiCCDevice)

thx alien but i can only see the vsti which have an effect alias like predator

this one is supposed to receive notes isn t it?

Like It-Alien said,
load the VST to a track.
Goto an empty instrument slot. Then load the “Vst Fx Alias” in the ‘Vst Instrument Properties’ list.

lol yes i understood but i don t have waves morphoder in the vst alias list!!

Morphoder seems to be a VST instrument
Is there a demo that i can download to inspect what is being installed?

The procedure to send notes to FX does not apply to instruments because they already receive notes.
You need to have some sort of effects processor with that plugin that you can add as an effect underneath the track else this trick cannot be done in Renoise using the described method.

morphoder is a vocoder, an effect and can t be loaded as instrument, that s why a keyboard is displayed on
it comes from the very famous “waves” diamond bundle i think

mat, the procedure we are trying to explain does apply to effects!

you have to load the effect as you do with any other effect, but then, if everything is ok, an alias of this effect should appear in the list of instrument aliases.

anyway, if the alias does not appear, then you could try with any other vocoder, there are tons of vocoders, for example MDA Vocoder or Orange Vocoder

I just tested Morphoder and it works just as expected.

So if you follow the instructions here it should work for you as well. B)

thank you mates… buhuuuu i am definitly stupid :( it doesn t work at home… anyway i ll try to find another version of that vocoder or i ll use italien ones :)

Are you using the Renoise 2.0 beta? It’s not possible with older versions of Renoise.

yes i m using the latest version

Im now trying get hand on the Morphoder for trying myself, maby i can give you an answer then… thou every other vocoder i’ve tried (akai, orange and steinberg’s) have been working perfectly with the VST FX alias.

But here is an short walkthru:

  1. Record a sample where u saying “Hey how u doing” (f.eks. inn intr slot 00)
  2. Put inn the (Vocoder) VST in the Track DSPs
  3. Inn another empty instrument slot, go on instrument settings and:

since you are on track 1, AND allready have loaded the vocoder DSP

you should find VST FX alias: XXXXXVocoder (Device:01)

00 - Recorded sample “Hey how u doing”
02 - VST FX alias: XXXXXVocoder (Device:01)

Remark that you must play both the sample (Modulator) and the VST FX alias intrument at same for getting sound.

-----TRACK 01------


Beautifull music apear…

BUT … have anyone any answer on how to use an external carrier source?