Sending Pitch Bend Via Midi To External Synth

I understand this would be impossible via 01xx/02xx commands since they control sample playback and not MIDI (correct me if I’m wrong), but is there any other way to send pitch bend messages to an external MIDI synth?

Use the Instr MIDI Control device, it can send pitch bend and other MIDI control signals.

Thanks - there’s no way I can link or send existing 01xx/02xx commands directly to the Instr MIDI Control device or to automation for the device, right? I would have to redo all the curves manually for the device and forget about pattern commands I’ve already programmed, correct?

Actually, there are two ways, but I think both require a lot of manual editing.

You could automate the pitch bend slider in the Instr. MIDI Control device from pattern commands - XYZZ - where X is device nr, Y is parameter and ZZ is the value. So you would have to reprogram the speed into different pitch bend positions.

Or you could use M1 in the panning column then XXYY - where XX is the main value amount and YY fine value. This way you don’t need an Instr. MIDI Control device. But it still requires a lot of reprogramming.

But it might be easier to do it all from scratch with automation envelopes.

He said use existing 01/02xx, not program new one in the Pattern Editor.

You will have to find what values work but the Find And Replace Tool may be useful if you want to convert from one to the other.