Sending specific MIDI CC messages from Renoise to an ext. instrument


I’m trying to send messages from Renoise to a VJ program via IAC Driver.

The VJ program is set up as an instrument that receives MIDI notes on MIDI Channel 7.

However, I would like to send MIDI CC messages, from the editor grid to this VJ program on a different channel.

This is because the MIDI notes are sent from Renoise on channel 7, but CC messages are sent from another wireless device on channel 5 (VJ program receives on multiple channels). So, in Renoise, I want to mimic this other device by sending CC on channel 5.

Is this possible?

Thank you.

You can use another instrument whose output is connected to channel #5

and then specify MIDI commands directly in the pattern, like this

Note Inst Pan FxCol
--- 01 M0 07 7F (set instr. #1 CC number #7 to maximum, 0x7F in hex)
--- 01 M1 7F 7F (set instr. #1 pitchbend to maximum, 0x7F7F in hex)
--- 01 M2 00 04 (set instr. #1 program to 4)
--- 01 M3 00 40 (set instr. #1 channel pressure to 64 - 0x40 in hex)

See also the WIKI for more info on entering MIDI messages directly into a pattern:

Or, if you want to automate values using graphical envelopes, add an instance of the Instr. MIDI control device to the track.

Hi danoise,

That’s an excellent answer and it worked like a charm.

Thank you very much.