Sennheiser 280 pros and replacement pads

The pads on these have worn out and I will need to replace them. I’ve been looking online for the original pads but I can’t find them, only 3rd party ones (maybe because I’m based in the UK?).

If it comes down to it, which pads can you guys recommend? I want the headphones to keep the same flat response, minimal difference.

This will probably be a shot in the dark but fuck it. The ear pads are disintegrating on my ears as i type this so will need to replace them soon.

I’ve had good luck with pads by Geekria, their pads for my AKG K550 have been excellent - very close to stock. The HD 280 Pros are closed back so they’re easier to replace pads for compared to open backs which tend to be more sensitive. I would always do a material like-for-like replacement though - leather for leather, or velour for velour. I experimented using synthetic leather for some headphones that came with velour as stock and it decimated the sound. Hope my rambling helped.



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These look good, Thank you!

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